Michelle Shelton

What league 42 means to me:

2 years ago when I found out about League 42 I was excited. I had been wanting to put my son in a sport, but as a single mom, I had to worry about cost. Baseball with League 42 came right on time. My son did not have a glove and was provided one at no cost to us, and the $30 registration fee to play was absolutely worth it to see him and all the other young boys and girls doing something that makes playing baseball the great American pastime that it is.

These kids are not just learning Baseball, they are learning respect; not just for the game but for their peers and the adults around them. League 42 is so much more than fields, balls, umpires and coaches, hotdogs and sunflower seeds…it’s an attitude, a mindset, that being a part of something so great, so tangible can change or shape the lives of everyone involved. The children and parents of League 42 needed this. Wichita, Kansas needed this.

I think I speak for all parents when I say, Thank you League 42 for making baseball great again.

M. Shelton

Kenyon # 36- GO ROYALS!!!!