Cynthia Peavey

Take me out to the ball field …….What an exciting time we had at our son’s First T-ball game! ┬áHe was ready and willing to play. Confidence and a bit nervous but ready for what was to come….He did well and was a bit upset when he thought he “lost” his ball cap! Thankfully he found it. He is 5 and this was his debut of organized sports. They all looked so nice in their own brand new uniforms! Girls and Boys! I overheard a dad saying with so much pride…”I’ve been waiting for such a long time for this day!” I nearly cried…We are very very thankful for the chance for our son to play and get the experience of playing ball in clean and enjoyable surroundings. Getting ready for the NEW fields is also very exiting…Wonderful memories coming…Thank you to ALL involved in this most grateful endeavor….God Bless You!

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